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Agromovil - Farm to Market Ecosystem


Over one-third of the food produced globally by small farmers never makes it to market. Can we apply technology to inform and to connect farmers to transporters, insurers, banks, and ultimately to consumers so that food waste is significantly reduced?


Our Approach:

Globally, 500 million small farms and millions of agricultural transport operators cannot easily finance, insure, and coordinate transportation of crops or supplies.

To address these needs, TMF is supporting Agromovil in developing their technology. Through an app-based B2B solution, farmers are testing an easy, low-cost way to schedule on-demand transport, access micro-insurance to manage risk, and connect to secure mobile banking to solve the un- or under-banked challenge for this community.

By developing a complete logistics ecosystem, TMF and its partners can simultaneously improve transport in both directions, delivering supplies to the farms at time of pick-up. Additionally, the data platform can be used by transporters and local governments to identify and address the causes of transportation disruptions.

  • Our Timeframe
    • August 2017
    • March 2020

Our Goals

  • Create a network to efficiently manage, track, and move produce and supplies.
  • Reduce food waste and the energy and climate impact of agriculture.
  • Through mobility solutions, provide social and economic opportunity to farmers.
  • Seek additional partners to test and deploy the system globally in the future.
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Our Partners