When good ideas are shared, great things can happen

This is why we partner with innovators, thinkers, and creators from mobility technology providers and urban planners to leaders from organizations for people with disabilities or aging populations and social services for the economically disadvantaged.

Their knowledge and experience allow us to work together to provide solutions that can be applied to immediate mobility challenges, as well as future concerns.


What we bring to the table

Toyota's over 75 years of automotive and mobility experience allow us to offer our partners technical expertise and next-generation technology, along with our unique production process.

As well, our experience with environmental sustainability helps ensure that any solutions we provide are environmentally advanced.

Our three guiding principles create a framework for how we share our knowledge and partner with others to harmonize mobility and increase personal mobility for all.


Promoting advances in ways of working and technology, both of which can transform and scale for a better world.

We search for new solutions and support the creative repurposing of existing solutions to bolster mobility services, products, and platforms around the world.


Tapping the expertise and influence of partners who share similar values, teaming up to achieve common goals, and freely sharing our accumulated knowledge with others.

We know that we cannot accomplish everything on our own. But when we combine our knowledge with the expertise of our partners, we know the ideas and solutions uncovered will be stronger than if we had worked on our own.


Shaping society by finding lasting solutions that overcome barriers to movement and becoming a source of inspiration for solving similar issues around the world.

Our goal is to create mobility solutions that not only function properly to improve lives, but that also sustain themselves and endure beyond our presence on the ground.

Mobility connects with peopleThe Power of Collaboration

By combining our knowledge and resources with the expertise of others who share our vision, we can help expand mobility across the globe.

Our partners include mobility experts, technology developers, government, urban planners, academia, non-profit and social service organizations, transportation providers, citizens, and more.