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ThruDoor - A Human Companion Mobility Service & App


Even with the emergence of advanced mobility services and options, the door-to-door journey can pose some challenges, especially for those with personal mobility limitations. Can we use smart phone and other technology to match a user with needs to a trained and verified assistant, so they can complete any journey with confidence?


Our Approach

Unfamiliar surroundings, language barriers, and/or physical challenges can cause individuals to struggle with the pedestrian portion of their journey. For example, some may need help getting from their home to a subway, making their way from the subway to a 5th story office, or understanding how to navigate an international sporting venue. TMF developed ThruDoor, an app-based pedestrian mobility service to ensure freedom of movement for all.

The app considers the individual user's needs and matches them with certified, vetted, and trained companions who may be multi-lingual, have training and experience in CPR and other medical services, and are sensitive to cultural differences and individuals needs and abilities.

  • Our Timeframe
    • January 2018
    • Ongoing

Our Goals

  • Develop an App based service to provide local "companion" guidance and assistance to users.
  • Ensure the service meets the needs of users with both chronic and acute mobility needs and limitations.
  • Test and develop the app and service for increasingly broader and more challenging environments.
  • Ensure that any individual can complete any journey from door to door.

TMF has made the app available as a free service to our partners and long-term we aim to deploy as a self-sustaining service for everyone.