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TMF Introductory Training for Human Centered Design and Journey Mapping

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Our Opportunity 

TMF successfully employs a human centered design (HCD) approach to our projects and have found it to be a very effective way to capture the customer experience, identify pain points, and iterate to a solution. Can we share our insights and methods with our partners and stakeholders to ensure a consistent problem-solving approach to our projects?


Our Approach

When we apply HCD thinking to TMF projects, we can avoid the disconnect between technology and the people we aim to serve by prioritizing their needs and incorporating their unique attributes in the design process. Our approach to HCD incorporates TMF developed tools like our Journey Mapping App that helps capture user and provider experiences and emotions as they happen. 

For everyone on the project team, including our partners and collaborators, a basic understanding and appreciation for HCD is essential.  By offering them TMF-created training tutorials, we can establish a common vocabulary and knowledge base to support a consistent application internally and with outside expertise.

Human Centered Design Training

Take our Human-Centered Design Training for an online tutorial about how to apply the skills and learn how to utilize journey mapping within your own work. 

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HCD JM Training
    • November 2021
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our goals

  • Make it easy for TMF and our collaborators to use a human centered design approach in our projects.
  • Ensure better alignment of technology solutions with the user and provider needs, wants, and preferences.