Sustainable Cities Challenge

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Our Opportunity 

The world is constantly evolving. So are the needs of cities and those who live in them. As cities adapt, the need for innovative, responsive, and resilient mobility solutions is essential and the possibilities are great. How can we help cities innovate safe, inclusive, and sustainable mobility solutions?


Our Approach

We are working with Challenge Works and World Resources Institute to create the Sustainable Cities Challenge which will be delivered over two stages.

Stage 1: Call to Cities

  • We are seeking cities who wish to host City Challenges in 2024 - 2025. We will select ten Shortlisted cities that will receive a range of capacity building support to help them understand the issue they want to solve and attract innovators to provide solutions. By February 2024, we will select three of the ten shortlisted cities to host City Challenges to find solutions for local mobility challenges.

Stage 2: Call to Innovators via 3 City Challenges

  • We will work closely with the three Selected Cities to design and launch three local City Challenges with up to $3 million in funding available for innovators by mid-2024.
  • Selected Cities will call for entries from innovators via their City Challenge with the support of the Sustainable Cities Challenge team. Together, they will then select their finalists to test their solutions in 2024-2025. In 2025 and beyond, funding will be available for winners in each Selected City to continue to implement and grow their solutions.
  • Timeline
    • June 2023
    • 2026

Our Goals:

  • Provide cities access to funding to address mobility barriers in their city
  • Facilitate bringing innovators to cities to tailor mobility solutions fit for the future through local City Challenges
  • Convene cities internationally to learn from experts in a capacity building academy in the USA
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