Personal Mobility Solutions Designed by the Next Generation

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Our Opportunity

Like young people of all generations, millennials are optimistic that they can make a difference and improve the world. Can we inspire students to use their creativity and social consciousness to design innovative solutions for critical mobility needs in local communities and around the world?


Our Approach

To encourage college students to frame social issues as opportunities, build practical skills, and tackle meaningful problems, the Toyota Mobility Foundation and our partner, Net Impact, created the Next Generation Mobility Challenge.

During workshops held across the country, multi-disciplinary teams of students participate in design sprints that yield user-centered concepts for innovative mobility devices, software solutions, and business models.

Solutions are judged based on the clarity of their goals, project design, feasibility, creativity, and social impact. Finalist teams attend a "boot camp" to hone their pitch and develop other key business skills. The winning team explores how to turn their concept into reality during a summer internship program.

    • August 2016
    • May 2017

Our Goals

  • Train the next generation of innovators to approach problems from the user's point of view and apply design-thinking principles to future mobility solutions
  • Demonstrate the power and necessity of multi-disciplinary thinking, personal experience, and end-user input to maximize innovation
  • Involve transportation, engineering and design experts to offer feedback and provide students a real-world perspective
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Our Partners