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Together In Motion Indiana

Indiana, United States of America
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Our Opportunity 

From autonomous vehicles to smart curbs, the technologies poised to change how we move are numerous and existing.  With local stakeholders, TMF is establishing the Together in Motion Indiana initiative where stakeholders can collaborate to test mobility innovations for interoperability to facilitate overall movement of people and goods. What new advanced mobility technologies and services can be integrated into the existing transportation ecosystem to make cities better places to live and work?


OuR Approach

In 2020, the Toyota Mobility Foundation designated Indiana as its first Together in Motion site in the United States.  The Together in Motion initiative, established in collaboration with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and Energy Systems Network (ESN), aimed to foster innovation through industry partnerships and propel research and development in advanced mobility technologies in Indiana. TMF established the Together in Motion initiative in support of Toyota’s mission of Mobility for All and commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in this case to the Goal # 11 of Sustainable Cities and Communities. Together in Motion supported deployments focused on improving overall movement of people and goods to validate their role in the changing mobility ecosystem. Designed with local community input, this human-centered framework facilitated implementation activities and commercialization of an array of cooperative options.

There are two past deployments under the Together in Motion Indiana umbrella:

    • June 21, 2021
    • May 31, 2022


  • Assess new mobility technologies and services
  • Validate the interoperability of systems new and old
  • Utilize implementation opportunities to inform local decision makers for infrastructure planning and investment
  • Answer questions about new mobility technologies and services for cities, transit authorities, and other stakeholders
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