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Grassroot Solutions to Increase Access Around the City

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Our Opportunity

In developing countries around the world, vibrant urban centers are attracting ever more residents. Yet, their governments are challenged to ensure an excellent quality of life, especially when roads are gridlocked, and public transit is inadequate. Can we call upon local entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators to offer intelligent, sustainable, and inclusive mobility solutions for their fellow citizens?


Our Approach

Many cities in Brazil are faced with severe urban congestion challenges. According to World Resources Institute (WRI) Brasil, it is becoming extremely difficult to commute to and from areas surrounding busy "Activity Centers" such as schools, central business districts, hospitals, and public transit terminals.

To foster solutions, TMF has partnered with WRI Brasil to launch the InoveMob Challenge. In several phases during 2018, the Challenge will select from among the most innovative project proposals, offer workshops and mentoring, and fund pilot testing of the finalist entries. The winning team will receive $100,000 US dollars.


  • Our Timeframe
    • January 2018
    • December 2018

Our Goals

  • Seek solutions from the local citizens who live the mobility challenges and understand community needs
  • Test a variety of solutions in multiple urban environments to enable an optimal fit of new mobility models to the characteristics of different communities
  • Involve local governments, from the beginning, to guide innovators and ensure successful pilot implementation

At the conclusion of the Challenge, TMF and its partners will work together to implement and scale the winning solution in other well-suited Activity Centers and Brazilian cities.

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