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Improving Mobility in the World’s Most Innovative Cities

Bengaluru, India
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With the promise of good jobs and financial investment, cities are competing to become the next "tech hub." But to attract tech giants as well as start-ups, city governments must build an infrastructure that can support their transportation needs. Can we leverage the innovative thinkers living in tech-hub cities to help design smart solutions to their city’s mobility challenges?


Our Approach

Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) is considered the "Silicon Valley" of India. To address traffic congestion, road safety, and air quality, the city has invested in a city-wide Metro system. But to expand ridership, commuters need options to get from the metro stations to their destination.

With a group of diverse stakeholders, TMF and its partner, WRI India, want to improve accessibility to metro transit and increase its usage through a process of research, open collaboration, capacity building, and testing. To this end, we have launched the Station Access & Mobility Program (STAMP) to identify feasible solutions to first and last mile connectivity through an open innovation challenge.


Our Impact

Results of the STAMP Challenge

Four teams were selected to test their solutions and measure their impact on ridership.

  • A two-wheeler bicycle rental system located at Metro stops accessed via mobile app
  • An app-based car-pooling system
  • An app-based parking aggregation system
  • An accessibility index to measure and share accessibility standards in metro station 
  • Our Timeframe
    • December 2016
    • March 2018

Our Goals

  • Analyze surveys and secondary data to provide a comprehensive evaluation of issues and opportunities
  • Create a collaborative platform for a wide range of stakeholders, including citizens, IT entrepreneurs, government agencies, and mobility companies
  • Invite and support participation in the STAMP Challenge
  • Measure results of pilot-testing and determine feasibility of applying solutions elsewhere
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