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Developing Mobility Solutions for the Developing World

Da Nang, Vietnam
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Our Opportunity 

In the world's emerging markets, public transportation and infrastructure development cannot keep pace with the mobility needs of their fast-growing populations and expanding commercial enterprises. Can we anticipate potential issues, build upon existing platforms and initiatives, and create a sustainable multi-modal transportation system for the future?


OuR Approach

As a port city and logistics hub, Da Nang serves as the entrance to the Indochina East-West Economic Corridor. Because of this location and its trajectory for future growth, Da Nang, like many other cities undergoing rapid urbanization, is preparing to deal with unsustainable traffic gridlock, air quality deterioration, and safety and security challenges.

To address these issues, TMF and its partner, Da Nang's People Committee (DPC) are collaborating with multiple stakeholders through the Project on Urban Transit Corridor Improvement to develop a public transportation network that will increase mobility options, apply advanced technology solutions, and become a model for other developing urban areas.

  • Our Timeframe
    • April 2015
    • March 2019

Our Goals

  • Enhance bus service to more efficiently connect residential areas with the governmental, educational and commercial districts and improve the overall user experience
  • Construct a new Park and Ride facility equipped with camera surveillance to ease the transfer from private vehicles to the bus and ensure the security and safety of bus passengers
  • Develop an on-street parking management platform that applies the latest advances in time-based parking, fee collection software, and parking vacancy advisory
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