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TMF supplies source code for digital helper platform via GitHub


May 30, 2023

The “local helper” platform initiated by the Toyota Mobility Foundation, developed by Erlkö and successfully trialed in the Rhineland-Palatinate Eifel district of Bitburg-Prüm since 2020, will be available for other regions / cities via GitHub to enhance people's lives based on a neighborly help.

This software solution developed to ensure the provision of basic services to the community, especially for older people and those with limited mobility, during the pandemic will now be available also for other regions free of charge.

Smart digital platform acts as a matchmaker

Local Helper, a smart matchmaking platform is based on an algorithm which both matches and prioritizes the services offered in relation to the proximity of the ‘helpers’ with those seeking help. A possibility for integrating a call center will support the platform with phone functionality, providing contact for people who lack smart phones or other internet connectivity. In addition, this central contact point can arrange for so-called "godparents" from one of the local associations or aid organizations who, among other things, offer voluntary tablet training for the older population groups.

The platform connects people who are willing to help with people in need from the surrounding area. Anyone who wants to help can register free of charge on the platform and indicate the activities in which he or she can support another person. If, for example, a person is looking for support in carrying a heavy shopping load, the platform will suggest the helper who can provide this help and who lives the closest. Services that are especially popular at the moment include providing support within the household, shopping or dog-walking, and anyone seeking assistance can search the services offered on the platform to find the right support depending on the type of help and distance.

The platform is a modular, scalable, open-source development of individual smart linked services, which allows for an efficient further development of to a holistic regional ecosystem. The API-First, 100% open system approach, allows full cooperation with any other system. It can be used on any type of terminal device; the only requirement is a web browser.

Andy Fuchs, Head of Toyota Mobility Foundation - Europe:

“We are very pleased that with a successful proof of concept and positive feedback from the users, we now can open the software solution to other regions via GitHub. We hope that this solution will be picked up by many other regions, that wants to create eco systems that are built on volunteering and connecting people in need with these volunteers.”

Dominic Land, CEO

“The development of the Local Helpers Platform focused on the needs of people in structurally underdeveloped regions. Our goal was to develop an application that would be of real help to local people and make everyday life easier. Seeing that modern technology was able to contribute to this endeavor gives us great satisfaction. With the provision of Local Helpers as an open-source platform by the Toyota Mobility Foundation, cities and regions are provided with a powerful tool for improving the quality of life.”

About the Toyota Mobility Foundation

The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) was established in August 2014 by the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to support the development of a more mobile society in which everyone can move freely. The Foundation underscores TMC’s on-going commitment to continuous improvement and respect for people. It utilizes Toyota’s expertise and technologies to support strong mobility systems while eliminating disparities in mobility. TMF works in partnership with universities, governments, non-profits, research institutions and other organizations, creating programs are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address mobility issues around the world.


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