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Successful Completion of Connected and Sanitized Mobility Services Project for Healthcare Workers in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

July 15, 2020

Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF), an independent not for profit foundation aimed at enabling mobility for all, today announced the successful completion of its connected and sanitized mobility services for healthcare workers working at the Rajavithi Hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand.

TMF launched the free of charge services in early April, with the aim to provide a safer and more convenient commuting option to hardworking healthcare workers who are fighting against COVID-19 day and night, thereby easing their burden. The details of the services can be found here and a video describing the experience here.

Since the launch, the services have been regularly used by around 120 healthcare workers, supporting their daily commutes efficiently. Their safety has always been the priority for TMF, and the project has achieved its mission with zero users and drivers infected with COVID-19 during the service period. Users also expressed a reduction in their commute times and satisfaction with the service.

Mobility Services Group Photo

The services were possible thanks to a number of organizations including:

Organization Support
SWAT Mobility App for users to book seats on auto-generated and efficient commuting routes
Synergetic Auto Performance Daily operation of the services, including driver and vehicle sanitization
Denso (Thailand) Donation of air purification devices
Toyota Thonburi Vehicle Sanitization
Toyota Motor Thailand Overall Planning and Operational Support
Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing

Commenting on the completion, Pras Ganesh, Program Director for Asia Region of TMF, said, “We are honored to have fulfilled the mission of the project, which is to support the Rajavithi Hospital’s healthcare workers through the provision of a safe and convenient mobility solution, naturally with no COVID-19 infection to any users or drivers. We also appreciate the support provided by our partners, who have contributed to make the project a success. Toyota Mobility Foundation always strives to improve individual’s quality of life by offering ever-better mobility solutions, particularly in this challenging time, and will continue to explore future opportunities in Thailand and beyond.”

Currently TMF also runs the Rama IV Project in Thailand with the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB), National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) and Chulalongkorn University (CU) to support decongestion through the advanced usage of data.

About the Toyota Mobility Foundation

TMF was established in August 2014 as an independent foundation to support the development of a more mobile society. The Foundation aims to support strong mobility systems while eliminating disparities in mobility. It utilizes Toyota’s expertise in technology, safety, and the environment, working in partnership with universities, government, non-profit organizations, and other organizations to address mobility issues around the world. Programs include resolving urban transportation problems, expanding the utilization of personal mobility, and developing solutions for next generation mobility.


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