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Seven Teams Selected as 2023 Finalists in the “Mobility for All” Category of TMF’s Idea Contest


JANUARY 19, 2024

In the “Mobility for ALL – Bringing the Potential of Mobility to Everyone” category of its Make a Move Project (, a contest aiming to realize the practical implementation of ideas and solutions in society, the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) has been calling for ideas and solutions that will enable everyone, regardless of disability, to comfortably enjoy watching motorsports activities. In September of this year, a total of 20 teams, comprising 12 that passed initial contest screening this year and eight finalists from FY2022, conducted verification testing at the Super Taikyu race held at Mobility Resort Motegi.

The 20 teams have subsequently reported on the results of their demonstrations at Motegi and their new action plans for 2024. Based on the perspectives of the relevant parties and sustainability considerations, the following seven teams have been selected as finalists for 2023. These seven teams will be awarded further activity support grants (up to 20 million yen per team) to facilitate their work toward the social implementation of their projects. TMF also plans to solicit new ideas to aid people in watching and enjoying sports other than motorsports in 2024.


Selected Teams

Initiative Details

Ashirase Inc.

Create a walking route algorithm for the “Ashirase” navigation system, which is attached to the shoes of visually impaired people and guides them via vibration, and verify support integration in the environs of their destination

CONE-XI Co., Ltd.

Develop a business model for a support system in cooperation with local communities to realize the desires of homebound individuals who “want to go out” through a system that matches home care patients with potential nurses

Japan Data Science Consortium Co. Ltd.

Improve an immersive spectator experience for visually impaired people through feedback from related social media content

Sode-en Co., Ltd.

Improve the functionality of an app that connects people in need and supporters and formulate a business model, aiming to create a safe and enjoyable environment for people in need

Technotools Corporation

Commercialize a hand-controlled device for e-motorsports that can be operated by individuals with severe physical disabilities and form an e-motorsports team

Dentsu Inc.

Construct a business model and expand the range of sports supported by “Voice Watch,” an AI application that generates real-time sports commentary for people with visual impairments

Lighthouse Tech LLC


Formulate a business model for the Japanese eyewear frames market for eyewear frames for the visually impaired that combines fashion with obstacle-detection functionality


In the “Mobility for ALL – Bringing the Potential of Mobility to Everyone” category of this idea contest, which started in 2022, ideas are publicly solicited for solving mobility issues at race circuits and traveling to and from them, as well as for enabling everyone, regardless of disability, to enjoy motorsports. This year, out of more than 70 applications from Japan and overseas, 12 teams were selected based on the perspectives of relevant parties, the innovativeness of the proposals, and the opinions of outside experts. These teams were awarded activity support grants (up to 20 million yen per team) to facilitate activities for verification testing at various locations, including at Mobility Resort Motegi this September. During the testing, more than 100 participants provided feedback, including expectations for commercialization, suggestions for improvement, and other advice.


About the Toyota Mobility Foundation

The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) was established in August 2014 by the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to support the development of a more mobile society in which everyone can move freely. The Foundation underscores TMC’s on-going commitment to continuous improvement and respect for people. It utilizes Toyota’s expertise and technologies to support strong mobility systems while eliminating disparities in mobility. TMF works in partnership with universities, governments, non-profits, research institutions and other organizations, creating programs are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address mobility issues around the world.


The project supports the following SDGs.

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