Toyota Mobility Foundation: About

Advancing mobility around the globe

Mobility is the freedom to move. It’s a desire that’s built into our DNA. It’s why our children are so eager to take their first step. Why we worked so hard to create the combustible engine. And why we look to the stars for our next great journey.

Mobility has the power to reduce limitations, broaden horizons, and empower people to fulfill their potential, no matter where they live. We believe that everyone around the world should have the ability to grow, discover and explore.

Helping to move our growing world

To help overcome the biggest barriers to mobility for all, we established the Toyota Mobility Foundation in August 2014. Through this foundation, we combine our extensive technological and environmental expertise and resources, with the vision and experience of organizations around the world. Working together, we are addressing urban transportation challenges and expanding personal mobility for all people, inspiring the next generation of mobility solutions.

A message from our chair:

“At Toyota, our vision is to lead the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with safe and responsible ways of moving people. That is why we formed the Toyota Mobility Foundation — to create a truly mobile society that will help people live better lives no matter where they are.

The foundation seeks to make all this possible by sharing Toyota’s technology and accumulated knowledge, partnering with others, and using our innovative spirit to build a more joyful mobile society.

Since the advent of the first powered vehicle in the late 1760s, technology has brought tremendous and positive change. There are now more than a billion automobiles on roads around the world. The effect is profound: people can travel more easily than ever before in history. It is a key to economic empowerment, to the broadening of educational and social horizons, and it helps people realize their dreams. The automobile plays such an important role in our lives that there is a Japanese word — “ai-sha” — that means “beloved car.”

Unfortunately, freedom of movement is not shared by everyone, and we hope to help change that. Mobility should not be limited to people in wealthier parts of the world. It should be safe, efficient, and enjoyable. And it should be economically and environmentally sustainable; the success of our mission over the next century will only be ensured if increased mobility is in harmony with changing infrastructure and patterns of urbanization.

Many of the best ideas to accomplish this vision will come from collaboration — with technologists, with urban planners, with government, and with advocates for the disabled, or seniors, or the economically disadvantaged. We invite your thoughts – because when good ideas are shared, great things can happen.”

Akio Toyoda
Chair of Board of Directors Toyota Mobility Foundation